Roomie’s no more

9 months! That’s how long we have shared a room. And it’s been a long 9 months. With sickness and teething it’s been one thing after another. But I didn’t care. I wanted him with me, to be close to me, he will be my last child after all, so I will never have this time back.

BUT. I need my room back. My sleep back. My sanity back. It had to happen. You couldn’t swing a cat in the room over the cot and all the baby stuff. I couldn’t even open my wardrobe door fully! I was sick of tip toeing around the room afraid to breath in case he wakes. Cursing the creaky floorboards in one part of the room. Sneaking in to bed and conscious of any tossing and turning I do, even in my sleep!

Oh no, it was time. My husband rearranged furniture and tidied rooms. My 2 other boys are now sharing so Ollie gets his own little room. I was excited and nervous. His sleep hasn’t been amazing so I wondered would it make a difference? Would he even notice he was in another room? And mammy wasn’t there? 

Well he didn’t go down without a fight I can tell ya. He screamed the place down. Frantically looking around. You swear I put him in a cave! After lots of cuddles from me he eventually went to sleep. And slept through the night and didn’t wake until 7am!

You might not think this is a big deal. But it is. To me anyway. He would normally wake about 6 or 6.30! 

And me…I have my room back. So much space now, I forgot how big the room is. I can actually walk around with ease now that all the baby stuff is gone. And I actually had a great nights sleep for the first time in 9 months! Ah we are one step closer to normality! Long may it continue!