A typical crazy school day.

Every school morning is the exact same. Trying to get a 4 and 5 year old ready for school and having a 10 month old is challenging to say the least. While I feed Ollie the boys agonise over the huge task of what to have for breakfast. Then eat it like snails while I’m telling them to hurry up.
Straight after breakfast it time to brush their teeth. I send them one at time up the stairs to do this because if they go together they forget why they went up and I find them playing in their room. Usually at this point I’m beginning to lose it a little! I’m frantically making lunches because I’m just not that organised to do it the night before!

Getting them dressed! Omg. They do it themselves while I sort Ollie out and throw on my own clothes. I should really just dress them myself as everything is on back to front or missing a sock or a shoe or on the wrong child! Am sweating now! We are going to be late!

I hate rushing and I hate being late. Every morning is so rushed and can be so stressful. And it doesn’t help when your not really a morning person and havent had any coffee yet! When finally ready they are thrown in to the car and we speed of like lunatics to try beat the traffic and get a car spot at the school.

And that’s only the morning! When I get home I have to feed Ollie, put him down for his nap, clean up the explosion of rice crispies or weetabix from breakfast. Wake Ollie, collect Caelan. Speed home, feed Ollie his lunch, speed off again to collect james.  And then get all boys home and try and take a breath!

Before long it’s time to feed baby again and nap time again and then it’s time to prepare dinner and do homework! The whole thing is exhausting. But we do it. You do it and so do I. Monday to Friday! It’s a different story at the weekend as it’s usually activities that you have to bring them to but that’s ok. It’s not as stressful.

Life is so busy. And it can be hard. But I’d be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy the mayhem. I’m exhausted but I feel alive! And there is nothing more satisfying in the world then seeing your children grow and being happy. And that’s what it’s all about!