Go ahead..have a meltdown..in fact I think I’ll join you

At one stage or another we have all experienced our child having a meltdown. I don’t know about you, but the worst ones usually take place in the likes of Tesco or Aldi or somewhere that’s very open and full to the brim of people. This can be very embarrassing. And you feel like the worst parent that ever walked the face of the planet! 

One day we were shopping in Aldi. I was heavily pregnant on Ollie at the time and I had my two boys with me. Everything was fine for the first 6 minutes and then the moaning started. They were bored. They wanted to buy crap we didn’t need. They started to run around like lunatics. I obviously couldn’t run after them. I couldn’t scream at them to come back. I had to quickly waddle after them.

Finally I managed to round them up. And believe me, it was like herding sheep, only harder! I told them off, well as much as you can through gritted teeth! You do get the feeling like everyone is watching you. Judging you. They probably aren’t but thats what it feels like. But it has to be done. You can’t let them go crazy!

Then one of them spotted the €2 coin in the trolly. “I want that!” “You can’t have that, it’s stuck in the trolly. I can only get it out when I’m done, you can have it then”. The meltdown commences..

He screamed the place down. I was mortified and was sweating like a pig and thought I was gonna go in to labour! Everyone WAS looking now. “I want it, I want the money!” And he ferociously tried to pick it out of the trolly!

What did I do? I had to leave the trolly there, in the middle of the aisle, full of shopping, and grab the two of them and waddled as fast as I could out of there! It was crazy!

This is just one example of tantrums in public. I have a million of them! It’s funny now I think of it but at the time you want a big hole to swallow you up! But they are kids, and that’s what they do! Now when we go shopping and someone’s else’s kids are going crazy, I sympathise but I thank God it’s not mine!