A typical crazy school day.

Every school morning is the exact same. Trying to get a 4 and 5 year old ready for school and having a 10 month old is challenging to say the least. While I feed Ollie the boys agonise over the huge task of what to have for breakfast. Then eat it like snails while I’m telling them to hurry up.
Straight after breakfast it time to brush their teeth. I send them one at time up the stairs to do this because if they go together they forget why they went up and I find them playing in their room. Usually at this point I’m beginning to lose it a little! I’m frantically making lunches because I’m just not that organised to do it the night before!

Getting them dressed! Omg. They do it themselves while I sort Ollie out and throw on my own clothes. I should really just dress them myself as everything is on back to front or missing a sock or a shoe or on the wrong child! Am sweating now! We are going to be late!

I hate rushing and I hate being late. Every morning is so rushed and can be so stressful. And it doesn’t help when your not really a morning person and havent had any coffee yet! When finally ready they are thrown in to the car and we speed of like lunatics to try beat the traffic and get a car spot at the school.

And that’s only the morning! When I get home I have to feed Ollie, put him down for his nap, clean up the explosion of rice crispies or weetabix from breakfast. Wake Ollie, collect Caelan. Speed home, feed Ollie his lunch, speed off again to collect james.  And then get all boys home and try and take a breath!

Before long it’s time to feed baby again and nap time again and then it’s time to prepare dinner and do homework! The whole thing is exhausting. But we do it. You do it and so do I. Monday to Friday! It’s a different story at the weekend as it’s usually activities that you have to bring them to but that’s ok. It’s not as stressful.

Life is so busy. And it can be hard. But I’d be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy the mayhem. I’m exhausted but I feel alive! And there is nothing more satisfying in the world then seeing your children grow and being happy. And that’s what it’s all about!



Just go to sleep pleeeeaasee

ā€‹For me, my first born was the cutest, most adorable thing on the planet. No one had a child like mine. Oh no! He was perfect. Well, he drank his bottles like there was no tomorrow. He played and giggled and hit all his milestones. Sure wasn’t he great? But sleep…em. That’s was a tricky one. You see as first time mom and dad we hadn’t a flippin clue. To get him to sleep we rocked, and brought for walks in buggy, rolled the buggy up and down in the front room till our arms nearly fell off, drove around in the car etc etc. You can see where I’m going with this….we just did whatever it took to get him to sleep. And it was exhausting. 

I read books, I googled the life out of “how to get your baby to sleep”. What the hell were we doing wrong? I tried everything. Nothing worked. But even though we weren’t sleeping like we used to we didn’t care. Our boy was amazing. Who cares about independent sleeping! He’ll be fine. He’ll grow out of it. Sure it’ll be grand. Dear God, if only I knew then what I did now!

We must of had a good spell of him sleeping well cos when he was 7 months old we decided it was time for baby no 2! And we were absolutely blessed to have gotten pregnant first time round.

Now in the 9 months i was pregnant, I swiftly realised that my first born was a very spirited baby. He liked getting his own way, he certainly knew what he liked and didn’t like. He would throw tantrums till he was literally purple in the face. But also be so sweet and loving and affectionate. In the last few weeks of my pregnancy I knew I had to sort his sleeping. He had gotten used to one of us being in the room with him until he fell asleep. And yes I know there is absolutely nothing wrong with that at all. But with a new baby on the way it had to change. I did a thing called gradual withdrawal and even though it worked, it was soul destroying. I vowed I would not leave this happen with baby no2! 

It was so so hard dealing with a baby who didn’t sleep well and being pregnant I can tell you. I tried to sleep when he slept but all I wanted to do was eat eat and eat. I was pregnant after all..

They say you learn from your mistakes!? Do you? Do you really? Well when baby no 2 was finally born. My darling first born stopped walking. Completely. For 8 weeks!!! For his 1st birthday he was walking and running around like a mad thing. And when this baby was born he was having none of it! We brought him to hospital and they did every test under the sun. They couldn’t find one thing wrong with him. They were baffled.

Anyhoo fast forward 8 weeks and slowly he began to walk again. It was like he regressed. And all over this little adorable new baby/intruder coming in to our life. So sleep for me really went out the window. So I went from being heavily pregnant AND having a toddler who wasnt a great sleeper, to then having a new born and a toddler who wouldn’t walk, and all the worry and stress over the whole thing. I thought I’d never sleep again!

BUT. It did get better. Oh the tears I cried. Somehow over time it gradually got better. I can’t even remember how, but I will never forget how tired I was. And let’s face it, the tiredness never really goes. It’s always there . That’s part of what being a parent is all about. You never fully relax do you? 

Baby no2 was a better sleeper though. Now he wasn’t amazing..but better. I didn’t roll him around endlessly in the buggy to get him to sleep or any of that crap. I knew better this time round! 

Of course I do remember some 5am wake ups and then my other son up at 7am and mammy then drinking copious amounts of coffee ALL DAY. But sure that’s what I did, and I’m sure so many other mammys have done the same. 

Now my third (and final) son. Well. What can I say. You can read all the books in the world. Google the life out it. Have 20 children. It really doesn’t matter. They either sleep or they don’t.  Every child is different. Some people have kids who would sleep anywhere and anytime (I hate you). And some just don’t. And that’s ok. I now have a 5 year old who loves his sleep and will go off to sleep in about 10 seconds. (Like any man..) and a 4 year old who is the same. 

Now…I just need to work on my 7 month old! Ok so I may be exhausted now, but I know in a few years he will sleep like a log too. So I’m not gonna sweat it. I’m just gonna keep drinking my coffee…and moaning…I like a good moan..šŸ˜‰