School runs and mammy clicks 

It happens at every school. I imagine it happens all over the world! But it’s something I’ve only noticed just recently.

Groups of women who obviously know each other fairly well, chatting and laughing together. Now there is nothing at all wrong with this. But why do they have to be so clicky? It’s very annoying. 

I suppose it wouldn’t annoy me so much if I was actually part of that click. But I’m not! Why? Beats me!! I do try. I’m friendly and say hi most of the time. But I don’t want to throw myself in to their conversations because that would be just weird. I’d look like a physcho! 

And when they do talk to me, I talk about crap or slip up my words. What the hell is wrong with me? I don’t even want to be in their gang! They seem to be always swapping numbers and I’m sure I’ve heard them talk about a “book club”. I don’t even know their names! Well actually they did probably tell me but I don’t remember!

Maybe it is me..Maybe I’ve been around my children so much that I can’t even hold a proper conversation with another adult (that’s not family!) I need to socialise more. Get mingling. Get those damn phone numbers and join that damn book club! 

Nah. Who am I kidding! I won’t. But I should…You’d never think dropping and collecting the kids from school would be so thrilling!! (Am rolling my eyes here!)

In my own head I’ve decided I’m just too cool for them and I’m out of their league. Anyhoo I’m way too busy to be hanging around gossiping. So let’s just leave it at that shall we.. 

Note to self :: make more of an effort next term!! You know, for them, not me.




Baby’s first word

I carried you for nine months. We have that incredible bond that a mother and son have. From day one it was always you and me, and me and you. You are the last baby I will ever have and I’m insane with how much love I have for you. We are practically joined at the hip, hardly ever apart from one another. I’ve cried hard and laughed uncontrollably over you. I’ve stressed and worried over you. I do all that I can for you. And what was your first word? 

Da da.

I should have seen it coming. When daddy comes home you should see this guys face! His smile stretches across his little face and he goes all shy and buries his head in my chest. Arms and legs flapping about begging for him to pick him up. It’s actually adorable. What a welcome home to get! Do I get that welcome? Eh no. Then again do I get to go out that much? Eh no.

He’s probably sick of the sight of me. It’s all about daddy! And I’m ok with that. Its perfectly fine. No bother at all. Great. It’s just great. No really, it’s grand..

Ok it’s not grand. I am a small bit put out. And I know on the grand scale of things it’s quite silly. But it’s mostly me who does all the donkey work! Im up at the crack of dawn with him, I feed him, I entertain him, I change his smelly bums, I Google about developmental milestones and how I can help him and I can tell if he’s in a growth spurt. I know this guy inside and out. Would it of killed him to say ma ma first!

Ah look, I know it doesn’t matter what he says first. At least he is starting to say things and for that I am delighted and I know I am truly blessed. He will say it soon and I will probably burst! I am so proud of my lil guy. He’s growing up way too fast. 

Now to wipe that smug grin off my husbands face!



Social media addict

Oh what a world we live in! Technology really has taken over and is running the whole show. You’ve got Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat to name but a few. And I must admit I am on them all! But it’s exhausting. 

To be honest I’m very nosey and I’m curious to what other people are doing, how they are living their lives, what they are wearing, how they do their make up etc. It’s all very superficial. But I love it. It’s hard to keep up with it all though. You pop on to check one account and 2 hours later your still clung to your phone. (Well, with 3 kids it’s more like when you have a free few minutes to yourself, but you know what I mean…)

I have a very valid excuse to be on Facebook all the time actually. I live away from my home town, so I don’t get to see my friends and family too much so it’s a great way to keep in touch. As for the rest of my accounts…as I said…I’m nosey!

But how much of it is real? Like, really real? You see a beautiful picture, you hit like, you may even comment. But how many times was that picture taken before it was “perfect” enough to go up? Social media can paint a picture of someone’s life being incredible. Holiday snaps, nights out, gorgeous selfies, someone always smiling and loads of friends. But really it’s someone who is only showing the best bits of their day. No one will show a picture of them being sad or crying or kids going crazy around the house. Who would want to see that? I would. I wish it was all a bit more real, ya know?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m the first to post a picture if the boys do something cute or I’m feeling good and looking ok. But I don’t expect a 1000 likes.I love Snapchat as I can have a laugh on it and I don’t take it too serious.I feel I can be more ME on it. I came off Twitter recently as it was just annoying me. And it was just one account too many really. Instagram is great but again it’s gotta be picture perfect. And that’s just too much pressure. But I do like a good oul nose on it!

I feel like my phone is constantly in my hand. It always needs to be charged as social media is literally sucking the life out of my phone. And me actually! I panic if I forget it, or perish the thought, if I ever lost it!!! What would I do!? 

It makes me laugh when I say “I’m going to bed early now tonight, I’m so tired”..and I do go to bed early. But then I’ll check my emails, pop on Facebook, then Snapchat, possibly Instagram, Google a few things I’ve been wondering about and need answers to. Have a quick look on eBay. Perhaps do a bit of online shopping. Back on to Facebook again and then I’m done! Now it’s late and I’m wrecked. But still I do it every night. And I’m sure I’m not alone on this. You do it too don’t you?

It’s soooo addictive. I can’t stop. I don’t want to stop. But I do worry for my kids. They already love games etc. What will be available for them in say 10 or 20 years? Will the addiction get worse as technology progresses? 

Well we can’t live without it thats for sure. There are far too many people who want to post every detail about their lives, and far too many nosey people like me in the world who want to see it!



Jack of all trades…Master of none

I always wanted to be talented at something. Anything! I used to watch X Factor on TV and think “I wish I could sing..or dance..or something. It always made me think what exactly am I good at? I stopped watching it because it was pure Shite and really annoyed me. But made me think!

Years ago I thought I wanted to be an actor. And I took classes and really enjoyed it, but that fizzled out. Then I got married. I enjoyed the whole planning process so much I thought I’d become a wedding planner. Got the course online and was doing quite well, but I never completed it.

I always enjoyed baking but nothing too fancy or extraordinary. I must say I make a good cheese cake but still I would never think this is my talent. Oh no. There has to be more?

I’m quite handy around the house. I like to think I’m very resourceful. I’d use pintrest a lot and get ideas from there. I always think I can build it instead of buying it! Sometimes it works out and ok..Sometimes it doesn’t…but at least I try!

I love doing crafts or making things whether it be with the kids or doing my own little project, I do love that. Am I any good? Meh! As good as any other mom would be!

I even tried Jewellery making. And yes I loved that too. But finding the time to do it with small kids is impossible. And frustrating. I need to go to classes and learn more but I just don’t have the time. Maybe. Someday. 

My latest love is Decoupage and up cycling. Oh how I would love to do this. I think it’s fascinating! And something I’d be quite good at given half the chance. From re vamping a small vase or giving new life to an old wardrobe…I would truly love that! Maybe. Someday.

Candle making has been on my mind too! Ohhhhhh would love that. That would be pretty cool! Maybe. Someday.

Oh and now Blogging! I am not writer. I have no idea what I’m doing. But again, I enjoy it so we will see how it goes!

I suppose I’m still trying to find my THING. Yes I’m a mother. Yes I’m a wife. But I’m ME too. I NEED something to be good at, that’s all mine. Doesn’t everyone? In the meantime I’m gonna keep searching. Keep trying new things.

Jack of all trades…Master of none..

Well at least I’m never bored!



Did I say I was tired? Eh sleep is for wimps..

I have no idea what’s going on with my almost 8 month old. Like seriously! Why won’t he sleep? I thought it was teething and those 2 teeth came down so what’s up now? He’s just over an illness so it’s not that either. Maybe it’s a growth spurt. Maybe it’s developmental. Who knows! Hes the cutest, smiliest and happiest baby during the day. I’m baffled.

He was awake screaming from 12pm to 2am last night. Awake at 5! Again screaming. I did everything. As any mother try and get him back to sleep. After his feed at 6.30am he ended up in the bed with me so I could get some sleep.

This is only day 2 of the kids being back to school and I’m already exhausted. Any stay at home parent will understand my despair. Because when you have a bad night, having a bad day usually follows suit. You are tired and cranky and irritable. The kids drive you mad. Baby gets to have naps, but you can’t. (That’s so not fair!)

It can be very depressing to wake up after very little sleep knowing that you still have to be a parent, an adult, and try to function normally. Someone still has to clean the house and cook the dinner. But we just get on with it, don’t we. We have to. 

We live in the hope that tomorrow will be a better day. During all the screaming last night I was praying. For strength and for God to give me the wisdom to know what to do. To help my lil guy. To settle him. And for us both to get some sleep.

I’m hoping it’s a phase and it will pass soon. But I’d like to think he just loves his mammy so much all he wants is to be in my arms. And that’s fine with me! My poor back says otherwise but that can just shut up! 

You’d think on my third child I’d have it all figured out! This whole sleep thing. But unfortunately I don’t have all the answers. I’m winging it most of the time! But I do know that somehow, someday, it will get easier. 

Am hoping it will be sooner rather than later. But until then, I’m just gonna have to grin and bear it until I figure it out. IF I ever figure it out! So to all of you in the same boat as me…you most certainly are not alone! 



Why am I a warrior? 

Well quite simply because I think every woman is a warrior. Whether you have children or not…you ARE a warrior. We all at some time in our lives have gone through pain of some sort. We have all encountered grief and the turmoil that brings. And somehow we got through it. We got up the next morning and we did what we had to do. We got through things that were tough, difficult and painful. And we grew stronger.

No matter how big or how small that pain or bad experience was. We grew from it and we learned from it. 

Don’t get me wrong, I think men are warriors as well. Of course they are. But women…we are just so much better at it than them! And yes I have to give giving birth as an example!! I mean come on…men could not endure that pain! Women are built for it. I remember when I was in labour on my last child. (Still very fresh in my mind..only 7 months ago) and saying to myself “I am a warrior”. Not out loud obviously people would think I was mad! But it got me through that pain. And believe me it WAS painful.

So next time you are up against something you think you can’t handle or when things just get very tough. No matter what it is. Remind yourself that you are a WARRIOR. Because you are.



Being pregnant 

I LOVED being pregnant! Yes I got swollen ankles, back ache and heartburn and all the rest but I loved it. To be fair all I did was eat and I thought it was grand. I didnt worry about weight. Sure I could lose all that afterwards couldn’t I? I was very lucky as I didn’t suffer from morning sickness at all. But looking back now I was just being a glutton! But it was my first child so I was allowed ok!

But towards the end I was huge. Every part of me was swollen. Even my ear lobes! I gave a whole new meaning to the word “waddle”. People used ask “are you sure there is only 1 baby in there?” I wanted to punch them in the face..

It was really only after my lil guy was born that I realised how big I’d actually had gotten. I was still wearing maternity clothes weeks after, as I refused to buy big clothes. I didn’t feel like myself at all and knew I’d have to lose the weight. Which I did slowly. Not all of it but some.

Then 7 months later, we decide “feck it let’s go again!”. This is fantastic. He’ll have a little brother or sister to play with.We had so much love to give and thought we would actually burst with how much we had for our little button. So naturally it was a super idea. Naturally. ..

I vowed this pregnancy would be different. I wouldn’t eat like a hound. I’d be healthy and have loads of salads and not gorge on chocolate…but is that what I did?  Ehhhh no. You guessed it. I ate my way through that pregnancy as well! Again only afterwards when I saw a picture of me holding my newborn did I get the shock of my life. I was massive! 

But to make a long story even longer…I did lose all the weight, and then some! I was gorgeous again! Well, slimmer anyway.

Now on my third pregnancy I didn’t go too mad. Yes I was big but hey, I make big babies! My husband is 6’5 and a tank, so my boys are the same. AND I lost all the baby weight from that one too! 
So my advice to all you lovely pregnant ladies is…don’t sweat it if you put on a few pounds/stones. It’s all part of it. Enjoy being pregnant. Try not to be a glutton. But you do need to treat yourself because it can be tough and scary and exhausting being pregnant. 

You will have enough ailments to deal with. All the not so lovely things that happen to a woman when she is expecting. Food is really all you have to enjoy. So do so..but wisely.