Social media addict

Oh what a world we live in! Technology really has taken over and is running the whole show. You’ve got Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat to name but a few. And I must admit I am on them all! But it’s exhausting. 

To be honest I’m very nosey and I’m curious to what other people are doing, how they are living their lives, what they are wearing, how they do their make up etc. It’s all very superficial. But I love it. It’s hard to keep up with it all though. You pop on to check one account and 2 hours later your still clung to your phone. (Well, with 3 kids it’s more like when you have a free few minutes to yourself, but you know what I mean…)

I have a very valid excuse to be on Facebook all the time actually. I live away from my home town, so I don’t get to see my friends and family too much so it’s a great way to keep in touch. As for the rest of my accounts…as I said…I’m nosey!

But how much of it is real? Like, really real? You see a beautiful picture, you hit like, you may even comment. But how many times was that picture taken before it was “perfect” enough to go up? Social media can paint a picture of someone’s life being incredible. Holiday snaps, nights out, gorgeous selfies, someone always smiling and loads of friends. But really it’s someone who is only showing the best bits of their day. No one will show a picture of them being sad or crying or kids going crazy around the house. Who would want to see that? I would. I wish it was all a bit more real, ya know?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m the first to post a picture if the boys do something cute or I’m feeling good and looking ok. But I don’t expect a 1000 likes.I love Snapchat as I can have a laugh on it and I don’t take it too serious.I feel I can be more ME on it. I came off Twitter recently as it was just annoying me. And it was just one account too many really. Instagram is great but again it’s gotta be picture perfect. And that’s just too much pressure. But I do like a good oul nose on it!

I feel like my phone is constantly in my hand. It always needs to be charged as social media is literally sucking the life out of my phone. And me actually! I panic if I forget it, or perish the thought, if I ever lost it!!! What would I do!? 

It makes me laugh when I say “I’m going to bed early now tonight, I’m so tired”..and I do go to bed early. But then I’ll check my emails, pop on Facebook, then Snapchat, possibly Instagram, Google a few things I’ve been wondering about and need answers to. Have a quick look on eBay. Perhaps do a bit of online shopping. Back on to Facebook again and then I’m done! Now it’s late and I’m wrecked. But still I do it every night. And I’m sure I’m not alone on this. You do it too don’t you?

It’s soooo addictive. I can’t stop. I don’t want to stop. But I do worry for my kids. They already love games etc. What will be available for them in say 10 or 20 years? Will the addiction get worse as technology progresses? 

Well we can’t live without it thats for sure. There are far too many people who want to post every detail about their lives, and far too many nosey people like me in the world who want to see it!