School runs and mammy clicks 

It happens at every school. I imagine it happens all over the world! But it’s something I’ve only noticed just recently.

Groups of women who obviously know each other fairly well, chatting and laughing together. Now there is nothing at all wrong with this. But why do they have to be so clicky? It’s very annoying. 

I suppose it wouldn’t annoy me so much if I was actually part of that click. But I’m not! Why? Beats me!! I do try. I’m friendly and say hi most of the time. But I don’t want to throw myself in to their conversations because that would be just weird. I’d look like a physcho! 

And when they do talk to me, I talk about crap or slip up my words. What the hell is wrong with me? I don’t even want to be in their gang! They seem to be always swapping numbers and I’m sure I’ve heard them talk about a “book club”. I don’t even know their names! Well actually they did probably tell me but I don’t remember!

Maybe it is me..Maybe I’ve been around my children so much that I can’t even hold a proper conversation with another adult (that’s not family!) I need to socialise more. Get mingling. Get those damn phone numbers and join that damn book club! 

Nah. Who am I kidding! I won’t. But I should…You’d never think dropping and collecting the kids from school would be so thrilling!! (Am rolling my eyes here!)

In my own head I’ve decided I’m just too cool for them and I’m out of their league. Anyhoo I’m way too busy to be hanging around gossiping. So let’s just leave it at that shall we.. 

Note to self :: make more of an effort next term!! You know, for them, not me.




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