Baby’s first word

I carried you for nine months. We have that incredible bond that a mother and son have. From day one it was always you and me, and me and you. You are the last baby I will ever have and I’m insane with how much love I have for you. We are practically joined at the hip, hardly ever apart from one another. I’ve cried hard and laughed uncontrollably over you. I’ve stressed and worried over you. I do all that I can for you. And what was your first word? 

Da da.

I should have seen it coming. When daddy comes home you should see this guys face! His smile stretches across his little face and he goes all shy and buries his head in my chest. Arms and legs flapping about begging for him to pick him up. It’s actually adorable. What a welcome home to get! Do I get that welcome? Eh no. Then again do I get to go out that much? Eh no.

He’s probably sick of the sight of me. It’s all about daddy! And I’m ok with that. Its perfectly fine. No bother at all. Great. It’s just great. No really, it’s grand..

Ok it’s not grand. I am a small bit put out. And I know on the grand scale of things it’s quite silly. But it’s mostly me who does all the donkey work! Im up at the crack of dawn with him, I feed him, I entertain him, I change his smelly bums, I Google about developmental milestones and how I can help him and I can tell if he’s in a growth spurt. I know this guy inside and out. Would it of killed him to say ma ma first!

Ah look, I know it doesn’t matter what he says first. At least he is starting to say things and for that I am delighted and I know I am truly blessed. He will say it soon and I will probably burst! I am so proud of my lil guy. He’s growing up way too fast. 

Now to wipe that smug grin off my husbands face!




5 thoughts on “Baby’s first word

  1. Totally in awe and am roaring crying with pride, beautiful, eloquent and most importantly ‘real’, very witty and soulful, I felt your expierence, thank you, please keep blogging, tis beautiful.

    Liked by 1 person

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