Jack of all trades…Master of none

I always wanted to be talented at something. Anything! I used to watch X Factor on TV and think “I wish I could sing..or dance..or something. It always made me think what exactly am I good at? I stopped watching it because it was pure Shite and really annoyed me. But still..it made me think!

Years ago I thought I wanted to be an actor. And I took classes and really enjoyed it, but that fizzled out. Then I got married. I enjoyed the whole planning process so much I thought I’d become a wedding planner. Got the course online and was doing quite well, but I never completed it.

I always enjoyed baking but nothing too fancy or extraordinary. I must say I make a good cheese cake but still I would never think this is my talent. Oh no. There has to be more?

I’m quite handy around the house. I like to think I’m very resourceful. I’d use pintrest a lot and get ideas from there. I always think I can build it instead of buying it! Sometimes it works out and ok..Sometimes it doesn’t…but at least I try!

I love doing crafts or making things whether it be with the kids or doing my own little project, I do love that. Am I any good? Meh! As good as any other mom would be!

I even tried Jewellery making. And yes I loved that too. But finding the time to do it with small kids is impossible. And frustrating. I need to go to classes and learn more but I just don’t have the time. Maybe. Someday. 

My latest love is Decoupage and up cycling. Oh how I would love to do this. I think it’s fascinating! And something I’d be quite good at given half the chance. From re vamping a small vase or giving new life to an old wardrobe…I would truly love that! Maybe. Someday.

Candle making has been on my mind too! Ohhhhhh would love that. That would be pretty cool! Maybe. Someday.

Oh and now Blogging! I am not writer. I have no idea what I’m doing. But again, I enjoy it so we will see how it goes!

I suppose I’m still trying to find my THING. Yes I’m a mother. Yes I’m a wife. But I’m ME too. I NEED something to be good at, that’s all mine. Doesn’t everyone? In the meantime I’m gonna keep searching. Keep trying new things.

Jack of all trades…Master of none..

Well at least I’m never bored!




4 thoughts on “Jack of all trades…Master of none

  1. Well, you are alot more talented than me, you are one of those people who are good at everything, your tenacity is such a strength, I wish I even ‘tried’, amazing woman….Brilliant post, yet again. Very talented writer….xx

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  2. You’ve mastered being an excellent friend for 26 years.

    You continuously master the art of creating colourfully weird and wonderful ways of making me laugh in hysterics, to the point of tears.

    You create time to leave me cherished messages while you are beyond busy being the keeper of a not just a house but a home.

    You create inspiring, self endurance and selflessness as you raise three brilliant boys and take care of your husband.

    You’ve created a character worthy enough, that the Creator of this world has deemed you trustworthy enough and placed three needy, helpless, precious baby boys into your creative capable hands.

    Who I know, will grow up to become three men with amazingly creative and honourable characters of their own. They will make their own creative
    and valuable mark in this world – This will not be on X-Factor.
    All because their mammy, who adores them, thought she had become a jack-of-all-trades. While the entire time, she did not have time to notice –
    She was Master of them all.

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