Being pregnant 

I LOVED being pregnant! Yes I got swollen ankles, back ache and heartburn and all the rest but I loved it. To be fair all I did was eat and I thought it was grand. I didnt worry about weight. Sure I could lose all that afterwards couldn’t I? I was very lucky as I didn’t suffer from morning sickness at all. But looking back now I was just being a glutton! But it was my first child so I was allowed ok!

But towards the end I was huge. Every part of me was swollen. Even my ear lobes! I gave a whole new meaning to the word “waddle”. People used ask “are you sure there is only 1 baby in there?” I wanted to punch them in the face..

It was really only after my lil guy was born that I realised how big I’d actually had gotten. I was still wearing maternity clothes weeks after, as I refused to buy big clothes. I didn’t feel like myself at all and knew I’d have to lose the weight. Which I did slowly. Not all of it but some.

Then 7 months later, we decide “feck it let’s go again!”. This is fantastic. He’ll have a little brother or sister to play with.We had so much love to give and thought we would actually burst with how much we had for our little button. So naturally it was a super idea. Naturally. ..

I vowed this pregnancy would be different. I wouldn’t eat like a hound. I’d be healthy and have loads of salads and not gorge on chocolate…but is that what I did?  Ehhhh no. You guessed it. I ate my way through that pregnancy as well! Again only afterwards when I saw a picture of me holding my newborn did I get the shock of my life. I was massive! 

But to make a long story even longer…I did lose all the weight, and then some! I was gorgeous again! Well, slimmer anyway.

Now on my third pregnancy I didn’t go too mad. Yes I was big but hey, I make big babies! My husband is 6’5 and a tank, so my boys are the same. AND I lost all the baby weight from that one too! 
So my advice to all you lovely pregnant ladies is…don’t sweat it if you put on a few pounds/stones. It’s all part of it. Enjoy being pregnant. Try not to be a glutton. But you do need to treat yourself because it can be tough and scary and exhausting being pregnant. 

You will have enough ailments to deal with. All the not so lovely things that happen to a woman when she is expecting. Food is really all you have to enjoy. So do so..but wisely.




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