Yes. Yes I would like some wine please

Is it just me? Or does anyone else count down to the time that they can have a wine or two..or three! For me it’s just weekends but I can tell you very truthfully that I really look forward to that time. That me time. Hubby takes over for the night and I can relax. a certain extent anyway.

Ya see, you need that time. Just to unwind. Even one glass of wine. It has to be done. I think it’s important and good for your health. If like me, you don’t get to go out that much, then these times are very precious. And I’m not talking about getting drunk here.. (perish the thought..) just a few delicious glasses of a fine pinot noir. It’s not too much to ask is it?

Especially if you’ve have a really hard day/week. It’s like a little treat from me to me…and I bloody well deserve it! And look let’s face it, when you have kids, you need that little bit of escapism. And it’s ok to enjoy it. To relax and unwind. I think sometimes as parents we don’t give ourselves a break. And you do need that break,  whatever it may be…

So have a glass of wine…have it in the bath, in the kitchen with your meal, in front of the TV, in the shed if ya have to! But ENJOY it. I know I will..




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